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【USM】Sg Dua:Chinese Dessert

This is a bowl of peanut paste that u can't easily find around Penang. There is a house which near USM at Sungai Dua sells various of chinese desserts (糖水). One of the best Chinese desserts in this house is peanut paste. The dessert is full of peanut taste. The sweetness of the dessert is perfect until you won't feel greasy when you are having your peanut paste.

Stall Name: 糖水小铺
Price: RM4.50

【UniMAP】PPKPembuatan:Nasi Impit

Hi, this is Nasi Impit from pembuatan school. As you see, in this dish, the rice is made in cubic shape and covered with kuah kacang. The kuah kacang is quite nice, not too spicy and greasy~

Price: Rm 3.00

【USM Engineering Campus】Restaurant Nasi Kandar Riyas (24Hours):Maggi Goreng

Just FIVE minutes walking distance from USM Engineering Campus main gate, THERE is a 24 operating hours restaurant located at Taman Pekaka.

Stall Name: Restaurant Nasi Kandar Riyas (24 Hours)
Price: RM3.80

Sweetness: 0/10
Sourness: 2/10
Bitterness: 0/10
Spiciness: 3/10 (Can requires for the spicyness~)
Saltiness: 5/10

Overall Taste Rating: 8.5/10

Price Fairness: 9/10

Surrounding Cleanliness: 7.5/10

Overall Results: 8/10

Location: Taman Pekaka, Restaurant Nasi Kandar Riyas.

【UTHM】Mei Li Aunty Food Delivery:Vegetarian

Everyday vege(i mean once per week la) , healthy life style .

Stall Name:Mei li anty (delivery food)
Price:RM 3.50 (small), RM 4.00 (big = add rice )

【UTM】Mak Jah Cafe:Nasi Bajet

Nasi bajet in "high class" cafe in UTM.
Price:RM 6.00

【UniMAP】PPKPembuatan:Nasi Lemak

So, hi guys, I'm back to this ppkpembuatan again. Today, what's the food that i am going to show you guys is nasi lemak from ppkpembuatan. It's looks simple, but i found that the rice and the sambal is cooked with some special spice. (PS: this is the food i ordered when i have a short break time after a class )    

Price: RM 2.00

【USM Engineering Campus】Cafe Staff:Nasi Campur

Dishes for those who doesn't like the spicy~spicy~~ food.

Quite Enjoyable lunch available from Malay stall.

Price: RM5.00 (Mixed Rice)
          RM1.70 (Teh Ais)

【UTHM】Feng Jiao Delivery:Chinese Economic Rice

Wah so difficult to find chinese food in Parit Raja ,Batu Pahat. If u got come my uni ,then u can try it .

Stall Name: UTHM , Feng Jiao (delivery) everday except student sem break

Price: RM 4.00

【USM】Sg Dua:Yee mee soup ( Pork )

This yee mee soup served at a Chinese foodstall near usm at sungai dua. Walking distance from main campus to there around 15 minutes. The yee mee soup here is very delicious. The taste of the soup wont so salty and tasteless. You can choose either pork or fishmeat as the ingredients. Overall, it is a very tasty yee mee soup.

Stall Name: 鱼头米肉骨茶
Price: RM6 per serving.

【UTM】KTC (S01):Nasi Goreng Biasa

"Fulfill the need of mouth and stomach." A normal yet tasty fried rice with just fine saltiness and low spiciness. The green onion and fried onion brings out the taste of Malay style fried rice. And a slice of cucumber with a paste of chili sauce help stimulate the appetite. A sunny side up egg is not included but why not add ons as it perfectly match the fried rice?

Price: RM 4.00
With egg : RM 4.60

【UniMAP】PPKPembuatan:Nasi Pattaya

In the state nearest to thailand, is an absolutely yes to try Thai food, this Nasi Pattaya is hunted at the cafe in the school of manufacturing in UniMAP. Unfortunately, it taste not much different with our KL mamak stall. It costs us RM4.50 . To be honest, the price is not that reasonable for a little cafe in the university . will give a try on other food in coming post. Stay tuned.
 #Unimap Mantap !

Price: RM 4.50

【USM Engineering Campus】Café Lembaran:BeeHun Soup

Everyday having rice, rice, rice..

Today, let's try some BeeHun Soup selling at Café Lembaran.

Food stall: Café Lembaran
Price: RM 3.50

【UTM】The Sino (KP):Nasi Goreng Bajet

This is a dish that provide energy you needed and a clever way to save money. The price for this Nasi Goreng is quite affortable and cheaper compared to others, as it also served along with a piece of chicken part.

Food stall: Dapur Bunda
Price: RM 3.50

【UTM】FKM:Nasi Goreng Paprik

Quite a good dish served by the FKM Canteen. Surprisingly it is not very spicy compared to others food store around UTM.

Price: RM 4.50