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Hi, you :)

Nasi Pattaya seems really popular in local uni, you can find it almost anywhere. Basically, it's fried rice wrapped with omelette on top. It's not spicy. The portion is quite filling because of the amount of fried rice they serve. Best eaten while it's still hot.

Stall Name: Kafe Serumpun - A2
Price: RM 5.00

【UTM】Meranti:Telur and Ayam Bistik

Hi everyone, i gonna do something special today which is bring 2 food to u all. Today i gonna introduce a food which is call Telur Bistik and Ayam Bistik. Telur and Ayam Bistik are a type of dish with sweet and sour flavor. Telur Bistik is a fried egg, cover with a thick sweet and sour gravy; while Ayam Bistik is cooked by mixing chicken meat mince and egg, cover with thick sweet and sour gravy. basically, telur bistik and ayam bistik is like brother and sister, they are both the same dish with slightly difference. If you are a meat lover and a egg lover, you should give a try to this special sweet and sour dish.

Stall Name: Warisan K Enterprise

Price: RM 4.00

【UMSKAL】BETA CAFE:Nasi Wet Butter Chicken

Stall Name: No.4 Stall
Price: RM6.50

【USM Engineering Campus】Café Staf:Nasi Goreng Kampung

Nasi Goreng Kampung-Style and some fried ikan biris served.

Stall Name: Kafeteria Samsuri
Price: RM 4.50


Hi, you :)

Introducing Nasi Goreng Tomato this week!
For someone who is not a fan of spicy food like me, this would go well with your appetite. The rice is not even the slightest bit spicy, but just a little sour from the tomato. There are mini cubes of chicken meat mixed into the rice plus some vege. The amount of rice is quite a lot so it is pretty much filling.

Give it a try!

Stall Name: Kafe Serumpun - A2
Price: RM 4.00

【UTM】The Sino (KP):Wanton Mee

Take note that the char siew is vege and the wanton is halal....
No pork :) The picture above is large.

Stall Name:Adam Kitchen (The Sino)
Price:Small RM 5.00
          Medium RM5.50
          Large RM 6.00

【UniMAP】Pauh Putra:Nasi Ayam Berempah

Hi~ o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ So, today what i want to introduced is this Nasi kuning Ayam Berempah. Well, whats so special about this nasi ayam ? First, we talk about the nasi kuning, this rice is not just cooked with the kunyit only, it also cooked with other spice (spice almost like kuah kacang), before you eat you will feel very hungry because of the smell of the rice and so does with the curry and ayam berempah~~ By the way, the mak cik is very nice too 👍 Oh, forgot to say this nasi ayam berempah is sold on the roadside stall at Pauh putra.

Price: RM4.00

【USM Engineering Campus】Café Staf:Fish n' Chips

OREO Choco + Fish n' Chips = Delighting YOUR day.

Stall Name: Kafeteria Skymmar
Price: RM 6.00 meal + RM 2.50 (Oreo Choco)

【UTHM】Ah Hua Delivery:Mixed Rice

New delivery open haha

Stall Name:Ah Hua chinese food delivery
Price:RM 4.00 (FOR 2 TYPE OF FOOD)

【UTM】The Sino (KP):Nasi Kerabu

I gave my virgin taste on Nasi Kerabu to Annisa Corner.  A dish that include many seasoning. A blue dyed rice with a fried chicken seems normal, but when it comes with shredded chicken, sprouts, budu*, chili and malay chips, it taste wonderful. Unfortunately I am not quite like to eat those sprouts. And beware: stir the mixture nicely or else you will get chocked by the spiciness of the chili!

Stall : Annisa Corner
Price : rm 4.50

【UniMAP】kka bumita:maggi goreng

One of the Malaysian favorites in Mamak stall,maggi goreng. In our bumita block A hostel, there is a cafe, opps, did i just say cafe? Is more like a canteen i would say. Familiar taste like mamak one. *sobs* Not bad, keep it up. Its only Rm4.00, well, of coz la,no GST mar.
Stall Name: KKA Bumita block A, ground floor.
Price:RM 4.00 , cheaper if you want it without chicken.

【USM Engineering Campus】Café Staf:Grilled Black Pepper Chicken Chop

Grilled chicken chop available with lower price inside Campus.

Stall Name: Kafeteria Skymmar
Price: RM 5.00, RM 6.00 (Tambah Nasi)

【UTHM】Mei Li Aunty Delivery:Vegetarian Mixed Rice

Nice la no meat once,can make us more healthy.

Stall Name:Mei Li anty vegetarian food
Price:RM 4.00  (add rice )


Overall Taste Rating:80%

Surrounding Cleanliness:good and clean surrounding .

Overall Results: good

Location: food delivery to UTHM and kk perwira

【UPM】Kafe Serumpun:Nasi Ayam Goreng

Hi, you :)

     If you're near Serumpun area, you can go to Kafe Serumpun to dine. Well, of course there are other food courts within campus so don't worry, but.. ahah, mind you, if you're new to local universities, let me just inform you that Chinese food is no where to be found in campus but there are Chinese food located just outside campus, it's quite near so at least you're not "stuck" with Malay food for the rest of your uni life. Just kidding :P

    This here is Nasi Ayam Goreng, sold in stall A5. Maybe the price is a little too pricy but the good thing is, you get to choose your own piece of fried chicken (or drumsticks too) and you can also add in however much kuah as you want to spice up your meal. The kuah is not too spicy and it also has sweet taste. One thing I like about this is that the fried chicken is so tender, the meat is not hard at all, plus it smells good too. Though the dish seems plain, but it's quite filling                   …

【UKM】FST Kebab:Chicken Kebab

Variety of choice there ... the picture above is normal chicken kebab , looks not nice ( noob me  )  but actually taste good ... the boss always serves after the order so thats always hot hot kebab when serving to you ... 
Stall Name: FST Kebab
Price:Rm 5

【UTM】FKM:Ayam Kunyit + Nasi Putih

Eh Tauke (Boss), the serving size very small leh, haha! As usual small serving size provided by FKM Canteen. This Ayam Kunyit + Nasi Putih is very suitable for salty food lover, but with the white rice beside, overall the taste is okay. Even though they got put chilies but trust me, not spicy at all, I guarantee it!

Stall Name: FKM ( Kiosk Lan Power )
Price: RM 5.00

【UTM】KTC (S01):Nasi Goreng Thai

Quite good in terms of appearance. Since I am a Tomyam lover so this dish is actually nice for me. Not so spicy and hot, which i can 'tahan' (withstand). It's suitable for rice lover too, however it's a little bit oily. The tomatoes and vegetables just nailed it la!

Stall Name: KTC S01
Price: RM 5.00

【UTM】Bazar:Bread John Chicken NEELOFA

This was the first time I visited UTM Bazaar (or Pasar Malam/ Night market), and the first food that I bought here was this roti John. A very welcoming and friendly service provided by this food stall. The price is a little bit higher for me as it is a combination of bread, egg and chicken. However, the taste is not bad and this big serving of bread will let you fell full I guess haha.

Stall name: Bread John Celebrity
Price         : RM 5.00 for Bread John Chicken NEELOFA

【UniMAP】Rendezvous Cafe:Carbonara Mixed Seafood Spaghetti

Well, today i had decided to go to the "high class" cafe that near my hostel to have my dinner. This dishes is called Carbonara Mixed Seafood Spaghetti. As you see it's cooked with the seafood and it is topped with some special sauce. The taste is quite nice but just the price is quite not reasonable, it almost can fight with KL's food prices.

Price: RM 10.90

【USM Engineering Campus】Restaurant Nasi Kandar Halim:Nasi Kandar

Make your another Dinner Selection outside Campus.

Stall Name: Restaurant Nasi Kandar Halim
Price: 6.50 (price including Teh Ais)

【UTHM】TSN cafe:Nasi Campur

Okok la cheaper nasi campur inside campus.

Stall Name: Cafe TSN, UTHM
Price: RM 3.20

【UTM】Meranti:Nasi Lemak

Hi, today I gonna bring you all our Malaysia "Masakan Kebangsaan" which is Nasi Lemak. For me, food that is served hot is the best food. The Nasi Lemak serve here is hot and "fresh from the kitchen". The taste of the rice is good and smell good too. The rice have a strong pandan and coconut milk fragrance. The minus point for me is the rice are a bit overcooked and too moist.The sambal is spicy with a little bit of sweetness in it and can be accepted ( I love spicy food, hahaha ). Big portion of rice served with a big chunk of roasted honey chicken ( Ayam Madu Bakar ), this dish is suitable for people who eat a lot and people who wanted a cheap food.

Stall Name: Warisan K Enterprise
Price: RM5