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【USM Engineering Campus】Parit Buntar:Sushi King

Good News For those who like to eat Sushi ^.^ . Sushi King is now available from today (31 DEC 2016). Happy New Year.

Location: Behind Parit Buntar Bus Terminal.


Hi, you :)

I know it gets really boring to eat Malay food all day, buttt there's hope! hahaha :P Located just outside campus area, this place called Old Flat, there are few shops with Chinese food here. One of it is this noodle shop, there are also Chinese mixed rice shops around the area. To get there, just take the bus and stop at Fakulti Pengajian Alam Sekitar, then walk straight down till you exit campus, or you could just ask around, everyone knows how to get there so don't worry.

To get to this shop: when you arrive at Old Flat, turn left and turn right at the first junction. Keep walking straight till you see the shop on your far left.

They sell many different types of chinese noodles but for today, Yee Mee. The taste is okay and oh, if you wanna add egg, it's about 80 cents extra. They sell drinks too.

Stall Name: Noodle shop
Price: RM 5.00

【UTM】FKM:Nasi Goreng USA

I will share another Malay food from Malay stall (I don't know what is the stall name). The stall is located near FKE (Faculty of Electrical Engineering) and its also behind of the bridge. Its soooooo delicious (mmm...) but its not enough for me ... Don't eat everyday because its oily (for me) if you are practicing a healthy lifestyle. :)
Take note that :the red one is chicken.

Price:RM 5.00

【UTM】Arked Cengal:Loh Mee (卤面)

This week I will share the vegetarian food that is from the only one chinese stall in UTM. Quite not bad if u like to eat something sour (not so sour la because they add some vinegar on it :)...).Eat slowly because the mee is hot! XD

Stall Name: Tian En Vegetarian Stall
Price:    RM 4.50
              RM 5.00(add mee or rice)

【UniMap】Ulu Pauh:Kolok mee

Yes! Kolok mee, origin from sarawak is hunted in perlis, I never try the original kolok mee but this is satisfying me.

Stall Name: Uncle Aunty restoran
Price: small-rm4.00 big-rm4.50 extra big-rm5.00

Sweetness: 5/10
Sourness: 0/10
Bitterness: 0/10
Spiciness: 0/10
Saltiness: 5/10

Overall Taste Rating: This noodle orange in color but perfect in the taste. Match with charsiew is just nothing can compare. And the special sauce made with garlic wow.

Surrounding Cleanliness: A very clean restaurant .

Overall Results: 8/10

Location: This location is not far from main campus but you definitely need a car to go there. The
place is between main pauh campus and arau. From main campus it takes around 10 minutes to reach.


Hi, you :)

If you're bored of having Malay food all the time, you can go for Chinese fried rice although it is prepared by a Malay food stall. It doesn't taste too different from the original, it also has pieces of chicken meat in it. The amount of rice is filling and enough for a meal. Plus, it is not spicy.

Stall Name: Kafe Serumpun - A2
Price: RM 4.00

Saltiness: 3/10

Overall Taste Rating: 7/10

Surrounding Cleanliness: 6/10

Overall Results: 70%

【UTM】Taman U:Ice Kacang

I like ice! That was my first time I tried Ice Kacang since I entered University. Quite a nice experience as the place is beautiful and relax. This Ice Kacang is a great desert after a meal, let me feel love. ( Just kidding ) The price is not too over expensive, will definitely come visit again if, if got people jio ( invite ). 😂

Stall Name: Green Jean Republic
Price: RM 3.00


Overall Taste Rating: 80%

Surrounding Cleanliness: 7.5/10

Overall Results: 80%


【UniMap】Kangar:Curry rice

We are alrd bored of hunting food in our campus, this time let me bring you to somewhere else. Kangar is the main town in perlis. This curry rice is best in perlis as its not an ordinary curry rice but is Indonesia curry.

Stall Name: Is just a little stall without name, i will ask the booss later xP
Price: RM 5

Sweetness: 7/10
Sourness: 2/10
Bitterness: 1/10
Spiciness: 3/10
Saltiness: 4/10

Overall Taste Rating: Is my first time trying indonesia curry, its different from curry in Malaysia which more likely to be spicy, instead its more like Japanese curry which not that spicy(i cnnt take too spicy) and the amount of coconut milk brings out the special of curry , its just a woahhhhh... i gonna stop here because my saliva is flowing ...

Surrounding Cleanliness: a very comfortable place

Overall Results: 8/10

Location: Opposite of our international business school PPIPT 

【USM Engineering Campus】Cafe Lembaran:Mixed Rice

Finallya new stall is open in Cafe Lembaran. Chinese Malay Style Food is available from December 2016.

Stall Name: Forget the name. hahaha
Price: RM4.00


Hi, you :)

This week's dish is an Indonesian dish - Mee Soto. You can choose the type of noddles you prefer, such as mee (yellow mee) or mee hoon, but usually, this dish comes with mee hoon. Served with the noodles, there are also slices of chicken meat, fried peanuts and ketupat (Malay rice cubes). This soup is not spicy at all. Plus, this is the only stall that sells Mee Soto in this cafe.

Stall Name: Kafe Serumpun - B2
Price: RM 5.00

【UKM】KPZ Cafe:Roti Telur

Nothing much but delicious ... each bite that will make you smile ... more flavor to choose ... roti banjir , roti pisang and more ... go there and have a look ... you will be satisfied for sure ^-^

Stall Name: KPZ Cafe
Price: RM 2 per piece

【UTM】KTC (S01) :Nasi Goreng Cina

Biasa was last time, today have cina. Nasi Goreng Cina in S01. Surprisingly the MSG is just fine, which make it have little shallow taste but the smell is marvelous. When eat, don't swallow it too quickly, put it in mouth, slowly chew it, and slowly let it get into your oesophagus. It's wonderful!

Price : RM 4

【UniMAP】Arau Food Stall:Roti Canai & Roti Telur

So, today i had came to a stall at Arau area, it is just near to the Ktm Arau and beside the Masjid only. (I'm sorry here that I forgot the name of the stall so, I just describe the location 😅) So, the roti is not so bad, i think it is almost same in KL  and PPK Pembuatan UniMAP but the curry is the point. The curry dal is quite nice, not that spicy than I expected and i can taste a little bit sweet. 

Price: RM 2.80 (Roti Telur+Roti Canai)

【USM Engineering Campus】Restaurant Wen Pin:淋饭

After dealing with ASSIGNMENT(s) and PROJECT(s) for a whole day, is time to "escape" from campus and have some Chinese-style dinner. This restaurant serving various choices of food, AND i ordered "淋饭" (Lam-Fan in Cantonese).

Price: RM 5.00 + RM 1.00 凉茶(Also called Leng-Teh by local people)


Hi, you :)

Do you always starve for a late night snack? Now this is perfect for you!

The stall is located outside Dewan Putra 2, it opens only at night, but not everyday. They sell different types of burgers. However, this one here is Ayam Special. It's actually chicken meat wrapped with fried egg, with tomatoes, cucumber, lettuces and pepper sauce or chili sauce. You can let them know which ingredients you don't prefer to add in. Most importantly, it will satisfy your hunger.

Stall Name: Ramly Burger
Price: RM 3.00

Saltiness: 3/10

Overall Taste Rating: 8/10

Surrounding Cleanliness: 6/10

Overall Results: 80%

【UKM】KPZ:Nasi Putih + Paprik

Stall Name: KPZ Cafe
Price: 5

【UTM】The Sino:Nasi Putih Ayam Goreng

The apperance of this dish is quite beautiful and neat 🍚 (Ignore my bottle please). The fried chicken let me feel like I am having my dinner at KFC haha. Between the chilies is great with a little bit sour and not too spicy. The soup is light in taste. Not the greatest I had ever tasted but it is great to have a try, quite yummy.

Stall Name: Dapur Bunda
Price: RM 5.00

【UTM】N24 Street Cafe:Fowl (Red Bean)

I just saw that UniMAP posted an Arabic dish in their previous post, so I decided to challenge UniMAP. 😂 But hold on! What is this? Why like that de?

      Okay don't worry, it's a food of course. Its name is called 'foul' according to google but the stall written there as 'fowl'. No beef inside but red bean. It taste a bit sour which really stimulate the appetite. The Arabic bread is tasteless but with the support foul beside, just nice la. However, it is expensive for a student like me.

PS: I try this when the whole canteen blackout except this food stall. Weird but fun experience!

Stall Name: Shawarna Al Arabi
Price: RM 8.00 for whole set

Sweetness: 1/5
Sourness: 2/5
Saltiness: 2/5

Overall Taste Rating: 75%

Surrounding Cleanliness: 7/10

Overall Results: 70%

【UMSKAL】Library Cafe:Nasi Lemon Chicken

Hi, this week we go to next "cafe"  which is CAFE that beside library. The food I tried was " Nasi Lemon Chicken" which shown as below.

Stall Name: Library Cafe
Price: RM7.00 for rice, RM2.00 for syrup bandung. ( a bit expensive )

【UniMAP】PPKPembuatan:Roti Cheese

Hi Hi ~😁

So, this is an Arabic dishes from our PPK Pembuatan. Roti cheese...hmm? As the title said, is a roti canai that with cheese inside 😂😂😂 Well, cant say how special and delicious it is but at least still can reached satisfied level when dipped with curry dal before you eat~

Price: RM 2.00

【USM Engineering Campus】Café Lembaran:Nasi Pattaya

Ohh Yeah, still can find RM 4.30 Nasi Pattaya here. (Normally Nasi Pattaya is sell from RM 5.00 onwards if u have your meal outside campus.) Not a pricy Nasi Pattaya that i had b4 this.

Stall Name: Cafe Lembaran
Price: RM 4.30

【UTHM】Arked UTHM:Nasi Campur

NICE  Nasi Campur in UTHM

Stall Name:Arked nasi campur
Price: RM 5.00