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【UTM】S01:Nasi Goreng Tomyam

Well, named nasi goreng tomyam. Byt its not spicy. I really mean that. You can smell the spiciness but u taste just a little bit of that flame. When it comes, the smell of the rice, together with the steam, trigger my appetite, and i believe u will fill the same.

Stall Name: cafe pak lah
Price: rm 5.00

【UTM】Arked Cengal:Curry chicken rice (咖喱鸡丁饭)

Curry cooked by chinese~The taste not bad and quite spicy for me...The above picture show added rice.The chicken above is vege, not meat :)

Stall Name:Tian En Vegetarian Stall
Price:RM 4.50
          RM 5.00(add rice or mee)

【UTM】Taman U:Char Kuey Teow

This is a non-halal food. Actually it shocks me a bit when the stall's uncle serve me with this dish of Char Kuey Teow, because the dish cost RM 5.00 which is quite expensive for this small portion. However, the further I enjoy this food, I realize that actually quite reasonable. This is because the ingredient put inside included some seafood ( not only few ) such as shrimp and sotong (squid) + what in Chinese we called "fried pork oil"(猪油渣). The taste is real good and full of Chinese tradition style. Although it can't really fulfill my stomach, but I think it is worth a try.

Restaurant Name: One Two Three Coffee & Tea
Price: RM 5.00

【USM Engineering Campus】 Restaurant Teo Hock Kwang:Dry Har Mee 虾面干

As a KL-Lang, first time eat this Dry Har Mee (虾面干), ONE word, Satisfy. haha. Next time must eat again.  >.<

Stall Name: Restaurant Teo Hock Kwan
Price: RM 5.50

【UTM】N24 Street Cafe:Roti Canai

It's been a long time I didn't eat roti canai, guess what? I love it when I finally found a stall that selling roti canai. Usually I love to taste the bread with no other sauce, but this was the first time I eat Dhal Curry ! It is very mild and nutritious curry made up mainly of lentils, tomatoes, potatoes, chilies, and spices. When roti canai comes with dhal curry, it just like a perfect match, don't you think? No? Feel like missing something? Oh, that's sambal!!!

Believe it or not, the sambal that given by this stall is sweet with little spicy, so those who afraid of sambal, you definately should try it!

Price : 
Roti kosong : RM 0.90
Roti telur : RM 1.50

【UniMAP】Kuala Perlis (Part 2) :Claypot Toufu

So, this is claypot toufu from hai thien seafood restaurant. Hmm... not so special from its appearance but the taste also still quite ok ~ Oh , and it is very suitable for vegetarian people.

Price: Rm 12

【USM Engineering Campus】 Cafe Lembaran, Nasi Goreng USA

Today I'm here to introduce this "Nasi  Goreng USA" to everyone. I dont know why they called it as Nasi Goreng USA, but i like it.  ^.^

Price: RM 5.50

Sweetness: 1/10
Spiciness: 3/10

Overall Taste Rating:8.5/10

Surrounding Cleanliness:7/10

Overall Results:7.5/10

【UTHM】Parit Raja:Chinese Wain Mee 红酒面线

I think is good for me la

Stall Name: Parit raja 红酒面线
Price: RM 5.00


Hi, you :)

If you're craving for chinese noodles, you can always go to Old Flat for it. This time it's Pan Mee, the all time favourite chinese noodles. It tastes good! If you want to add egg, you can do so too.

*Refer to previous post for directions to Old Flat noodle shop.

Stall Name: Old Flat - noodle shop
Price: RM 5.00

【UTM】Meranti:Nasi Briyani

Hey guys, today I gonna post something special here which is Arabic Food. in UTM, almost every arked will have an Arabic food stall. Arabic food is very very special i would say. Those who love it will love it; those who don't like it will not like it. Arabic food is mysterious, it is exciting and it actually taste good. Since it is too mysterious, it let me no choice but to say that the food really taste good and I don't know how to describe the taste of the food. Let's start with the rice, the rice is like Nasi Briyani, and it is very colourful. the rice taste and smell good. From the smell, we can know the rice is cook perfectly with a lot of spices. It is delicious. Next go to the chicken. the chicken is soft, juicy and tender. it is so soft that u can just pull the whole chicken meat off the bone easily. Again, the chicken is good. As conclusion, good rice and good chicken = good food. No bad comment on the taste of the food, just a little minus mark due to the price …


Hi, everyone. This is the only chicken rice in our campus with cheapest price and I think is good to see this delicious chicken rice in Labuan

Stall Name: STALL NO.2
Price: RM5

【UniMAP】Kuala Perlis (Part 1) :Ikan masak nyonya

Hehe ! Today i had rented a car to Kuala Perlis hunt for some seafood. So, I'm going to share about this ikan masak nyonya. I forgot the fish's name haha but in chinese we call it ngan cheong yu (银昌鱼). From its appearance may be you will feel like very spicy but actually it is not. Contrary, it is little spicy with some sweet taste and the fish is quite freshy~

Restoran: Restaurant Hai Thien
Price: RM 5.50/100gm