【UTM】Meranti:Nasi Briyani

Hey guys, today I gonna post something special here which is Arabic Food. in UTM, almost every arked will have an Arabic food stall. Arabic food is very very special i would say. Those who love it will love it; those who don't like it will not like it. Arabic food is mysterious, it is exciting and it actually taste good. Since it is too mysterious, it let me no choice but to say that the food really taste good and I don't know how to describe the taste of the food. Let's start with the rice, the rice is like Nasi Briyani, and it is very colourful. the rice taste and smell good. From the smell, we can know the rice is cook perfectly with a lot of spices. It is delicious. Next go to the chicken. the chicken is soft, juicy and tender. it is so soft that u can just pull the whole chicken meat off the bone easily. Again, the chicken is good. As conclusion, good rice and good chicken = good food. No bad comment on the taste of the food, just a little minus mark due to the price ( which is obviously much more expensive then other food in the university )

Stall Name: Arabic Food / Makanan Arabic
Price: RM8

Sweetness: -
Sourness: -
Bitterness: -
Spiciness: -
Saltiness: -

Overall Taste Rating: 8/10