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【UniMAP】Pfi2:Maggi Tomyam

Haha, is unimap's turn again to bring hunting for uni food. This is maggi tomyam from pfi2, pfi2 a place which mostly occupied by senior. This tomyam just cost them rm4.50. Not too spicy so its suit my taste , how about you?

Stall Name: Pfi2 cafeteria
Price: RM 4.50

【USM Engineering Campus】Restaurant Nasi Kandar Riyas (24Hours):Roti Tisu

Roti Tisu. A bit small. hahaha. Not enough.

Price: Unknown (Go try yourself)

【UTM】Arked Cengal:Vege Deep Fried Noodle

A beautiful dish with good taste. This is a vegetarian dish from the only Chinese food stall located inside UTM. It tasted like a normal dish even though without a single slice of meat at all. The Chinese cooking style somehow cure my homesickness. The soup is fabulous, not too salty or odourless, taste good. 👍 The crispy "Yee Mee" and the soup is a very good combo. If you ask me how to eat this ah? Well, you can turn the "Yee Mee" upside down first to let the soup diffuse into the "Yee Mee", then you can enjoy already. ( Just my opinion, I think you already know how to eat ) 😂

Stall Name: Tian En Vegetarian Stall
Price: RM 4.50

【USM Engineering Campus】 Restaurant Teo Hock Kwang:Har Mee (虾面)

Majority people around here called it as Hokkien Mee (福建面). Actually it is Har Mee (Please do not Mess up with Hokkien Char). They are totally different ohh.   (0_0)

Stall Name: Restaurant Teo Hock Kwang
Price: RM 5.50